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The Brock International Prize in Education is excited to announce the 2014 Brock Prize Symposium to be held March 11, 2014 from 1:45-4:30pm in Norman, OK on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. 

Featured Speakers and Panelists

Featured speakers will be 2014 Brock Prize Laureate, Ellen Moir - founder and Chief Executive Officer of the New Teacher Center (NTC), a national organization dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers and school leaders.

Round table discussions, open dialogue, and personal conversations with Brock Laureate, Ellen Moir, will explore the practical application of improving beginning educators' success to policy and practice.


Who:  Open to teachers, administrators, parents, and the higher ed community.

Where: The University of Oklahoma, The Thurman White Forum (1704 Asp Ave. Norman, OK  73072)

When: Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 1:45-4:30 pm (registration begins at 1 pm)

Cost: Registration is FREE.


What is the Brock Symposium on Excellence in Education?

Each spring, the Brock Laureate receives the prize at a public ceremony, the Brock Symposium on Excellence in Education, at which he or she delivers a keynote address.  The Brock Symposium seeks to shine a light on notable accomplishments in the field of education and then to use those accomplishments as a springboard for communicating educational excellence to practitioners, parents, researchers, administrators, and political leaders.  Held at one of the three partnering universities, the Symposium is a signature event to which teachers, principals, university faculty and administrators, education executives, students, and the general public are invited to attend.