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2003 Brock Prize Nominees

John N. Gardner
Executive Director, Policy Center on the First Year of College
Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, Brevard College
Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Senior Fellow, University of South Carolina

Dr. Gardner has been the leader of an international movement over the past two decades to persuade colleges and universities to take more seriously the issue of the learning, success, and retention, of first-year students.

E.D. Hirsch
Chairman of the Board, Core Knowledge Foundation

Dr. Hirsch has determined that certain core knowledge is required to succeed and compete in school especially for minority and other non-traditional students. This is especially important in elementary schools. He has created a Core Knowledge curriculum that has successfully been adopted by many schools throughout in U.S. with dramatic results.

Theodore R. Sizer
Chairman Emeritus, Coalition of Essential Schools

Dr. Sizer, America’s most famous education reformer, founded the Coalition of Essential Schools, a national network of schools engaged in restructuring and redesigning schools to promote better learning and achievement.

Gerald W. Bracey
Associate, High/Scope Educational Research Foundation and Associate Professor, George Mason University

The foremost defender of public education, he has written the Bracey Report on the Condition of Public Education each year since 1991. His most recent book is What You Need to Know About the War Against America's Public Schools (Allyn & Bacon, September 2002).

Kati Haycock
Director, The Education Trust, Washington, DC.

Ms. Haycock founded The Education Trust to provide national leadership in the effort to close the achievement gap that separates poor and minority students from other young Americans. The Trust provides hands-on assistance to state and local educators as they design improvement strategies and translate what they are learning into common sense advice for policymakers from all political parties.

Norman C. Francis
President, Xavier University, New Orleans

Dr. Francis has developed an education program at Xavier, which enables under achievers and low-test score individuals to succeed in premed, science, mathematics, and other disciplines.

Betty Collis
Shell Professor of Network Learning, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Dr. Collis has developed the TeleTop system for the design of and delivery of new forms of technology supported E-learning. This system enables teachers to carry out Internet “blended learning” programs that engage the student through technology, peer to peer interaction, and teacher-student coaching.